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Why You Need to Use a Modern Disqus Alternatives for 2019

I’m a person that likes to read comments. It’s one of those things that I just instinctively look for after reading an article and I’m sure that I’m not the only one. These days though, whether in social media or blogs using Disqus, I’m seeing less of the quality comments that I love to read. It’s now mostly polluted by people being trolls, abusive, and witty in a bad way. It comes to the point where I block some websites that I used to read stuff from.

Comments Have Moved to Social Media

Popular websites have already disabled their comments completely in favor of moving the conversations to social media because of 2 reasons:

  1. Less moderation for bloggers. It can be time consuming to moderate comments. However, leaving it alone risks having the toxic ones to be associated to your article.
  2. Impact of social media. For the majority, they would discover your articles on social media when their circle of friends shares it. Thus, it’s more natural for them to continue the engagements there.

What’s wrong with this though? Well, the downside here is that your community would be disconnected since there are a lot of social media platforms out there like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit—just to name a few. Not everyone is in each one of it and this makes it harder for you and your readers to engage with one another. More often than not, they would be missing out on the valuable insights you have with your comments.

How the Idea Came Up

So I thought to myself:

How can I encourage people to comment on their favorite social media channels but still keep some of the things centralized and civilized?

Naturally, my blog would be the centralized location itself. But how do I keep things civilized?

When a toxic comment is addressed to me, I can be sure to be professional in order not to escalate it further. However, I couldn’t guarantee it for someone else. So I come to realize that most toxic comments that are hard to control happens when they’re addressed to someone else or when they’re just outright spam. And with these set of problems, I sought to build something for it.

Modern Alternative to Disqus

Cenchat is a modern alternative to Disqus

The goal of Cenchat is to provide a new form of engagement within your blog that complements social media. What it does is that it enables your readers to send private messages to you—the blogger. Those conversations can then be publicized as read-only for other people so the insightful ones can stand out.

With this, your readers can now have a centralized way to contact you directly. You also now have an easier way to filter out those toxic conversations and your readers won’t be missing out on your valuable comments unlike before where they’re scattered all over various social media platforms.

Interested? Try the demo below. Once you’re convinced, you can start setting it up on your blog. For WordPress users, we also have a plugin that you can use to make things easier.