Sunday with Julian Clary: ‘A G&T at noon in memory of my grandfather’

What time are you up? About 7.30am. We can’t lie in because of our dogs, Albert and Gigi. Gigi can’t use the garden for her toileting needs, so it’s fairly urgent that we take the dogs to Regent’s Park.

After the park? My husband disappears into the basement, and there’s lots of grunting while he does a workout with Joe Wicks. I don’t join in. I have in the past, but I tend to not take it seriously, and that can be annoying, so I buy the papers and potter about.

What’s for breakfast? I might get a croissant from the Co-op. They’ve got a lovely heated cabinet – it’s hard to resist.

An outing? We go into Soho and have a sniff around the shops. Or we go to art galleries. The Van Gogh Experience was quite jolly. We like Japanese or Asian food for lunch. We went to Sticks’n’Sushi recently, or we might go to Odette’s in Primrose Hill.

What’s on the box? We’ll watch some Netflix nonsense. Our favourite this year has been Mare of Easttown. The Underground Railroad starts off well, then we lost interest.

Sundays growing up? I was a coxswain at Kingston Rowing Club and we had training on Sunday mornings. It was exciting to me, as a 10-year-old, to be in charge of these strapping oarsmen. I’d shout at them and tell them what to do. It was quite character building, I think. I’d cycle home, flushed and hungry for a big roast dinner.

A Sunday treat? I always have a gin and tonic on a Sunday, before lunch. That’s something I inherited from my grandfather. I can remember him pacing up and down, looking at his watch, waiting for 12pm. I have a G&T in his memory.